Meet the Team

Ali Safari

Founder & CEO

Ali envisions a world that runs on 100% renewable energy. He was trained as a Nuclear Engineer in Cambridge University and researched Fusion Energy at CCFE, the research arm of the UK Atomic Energy Authority. Previously, he was an investor at Low Carbon, a leading renewable energy family office, where he was investing in the future of energy.

Eugene Ciurana

Co-Founder & CTO

Eugene is an open-source evangelist, author, angel investor, and computer engineer who specializes in the design, implementation, and roll-out of high performance, high throughput, robust large scale computing systems. In recent years he has led the implementation of mission-critical ML, predictive analytics, graph databases, and unstructured data analysis systems. Eugene has had 4 successful exits in the last 8 years (Badoo, Summly, Cosmify, MuleSoft - sold to Salesforce for $6.5B).

Juvid Aryaman

Data Scientist

Juvid is a sustainability advocate, who is passionate about using AI as a tool to fight climate change. He is a physicist at heart, with a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Imperial College London, and was a post-doctoral research associate in the world-leading Mitochondrial Biology Unit at the University of Cambridge. He has published 7 peer-reviewed articles in high-impact journals including Nature Communications.

Our Culture

We're a team of scientists, engineers and energy experts, already making positive contributions to the energy industry. We're passionate about fighting climate change, and having fun while we fight it.

Our mission is supported by a strong working culture at both our London and San Francisco offices. We know that building the right team means we can build the right solution, which is what we're here to do.

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